AVPX - The War Ends!

For many years now a sector of Dreamworld has been in a constant state of intergalactic war. Humans v Alien v Predator. Contained with the walls of the AVPX interactive arena thousands have of courageous cadets have fought on the front line protecting the park from an invasion of epic proportions.

Recent intelligence from the site is that an end to the war is imminent with containment lines now pushing forward and enemy forces diminishing daily. It’s time now to call on all those willing to fight to report to Dreamworld immediately to ensure an end this war once and for all.

From April 1 the AVPX arena will be considered clear of all enemy forces and the arena will be sealed shut for a period of quarantine to ensure that no fertile alien eggs remain.

To be part of history, visit Dreamworld before 1 April, 2013 to suit up and go one final round in AVPX.