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Kevil Hill Timeline


In the mid 1960’s, a rogue researcher with the Federal CDC came across a notebook containing some valuable historical documentation relating to the ‘utopian’ experimental town of Kevil Hill...


JAMES BUCHANAN KEVIL (from now on referred to as JB Kevil) was born on January 1st, 1890 on the outskirts of New York. His father, Joseph James Kevil, ran a small transportation business, carrying products between the city and neighboring towns. JB Kevil was an only child and lived with his parents, Joseph James Kevil and Abigail Florence Kevil.

From an early age JB was special. He was much smarter and brighter than other boys. He was a little eccentric and liked to keep to himself, for which he was teased and bullied. Often JB Kevil would come home from school crying and his father would say to him “Son, you cannot live in my shadow. You must stand up for yourself, and the Kevil name. One day, Kevil Transports will be yours, and you will build it beyond my dreams. These boys that taunt you will need to live with their harsh words and you will see the universe has a way of teaching those who choose jealousy over vision. When I am gone, ensure your vision includes helping those who lose their families, like I did – James, you must try and make this a better world, where all are equal, under the great architect and creator.”

At 16 years of age, JB’s parents were killed in a freak automobile accident when their horse and carriage was hit by a drunken driver in a motor car, leaving JB alone with the challenge of continuing the legacy of his father’s business. JB took over Kevil Transports, and slowly began to develop his late father’s burgeoning company.


At just Twenty years of age, JB Kevil began to show a natural talent in business and continued to expand his company making Kevil Transports, one of the most profitable transport companies in New York. On June 23rd he married Frances Jane Kevil.

At this point young JB Kevil had a beautiful wife and a growing business. Life was looking good for him. However, with the loss of his parent’s always on his mind, JB Kevil missed the nurturing of a family and as such was determined to create an environment with a group of strong loving families with determined goal to make the world an everlasting experience and a better place. What if he could create a world that could reverse such a traumatic loss such as his? With this strong foundation of thought, JB Kevil began conjuring up his utopian vision. JB Kevil knew it would be a long journey and without the necessary finance impossible to achieve.

Driven by his dream, JB Kevil looked at new ways of expanding his company and set his eyes on the oil market which he felt could integrate well with his transportation business.


In 10 short years, JB Kevil (30) had become one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in New York. His company, changed to Kevil Industries, was one of the most profitable in the country, trading oil worldwide. In 1920, he finished building the Kevil Oil Refinery on abandoned land near to where he grew up. He now had enough capital to build his vision of a utopian city and so began the construction of his eponymous Kevil Hill.

On the 31st of October 1920, his wife Jane gave birth to Jonathan Kevil. Jonathan spent most of his childhood with his mother as JB Kevil was deeply focused on his company and his utopian vision of Kevil Hill.  However, JB mindful of his own loss, when together maintained  a happy family envied by their closer circles.

The town of Kevil Hill was constructed on land next to the Kevil Oil Refinery this enabled JB Kevil to provide employment for the future inhabitants of Kevil Hill. JB intended Kevil Hill to be the centre of finance and industry, with Kevil Savings & Loans Bank the cornerstone. During the first stages of constructing Kevil Hill, James travelled regularly to promote his utopian town and search for possible residents, while his wife and son stayed in Manhattan. He offered young families a home in his new town, and promised them a secure job with benefits. He told them they would live an ideal world, he could provide them with the American dream, both now, and in the future.

But while on one of his trips, his wife Jane contracted a mysterious illness and her health began to deteriorate. She had to spend more and more time at home and was forced to send Jonathan to a church nearby, where he was looked after during the day and avoided getting infected.

JB Kevil watched as his most treasured love began to slip away from him. Even though he now had the money to build his dream, a place where he could grow old with his family in a perfect world, it would be for nothing, if he lost his one true love. Grief was seared into his heart by the loss of his own parents when he was so young. Desperate, before it was too late, JB Kevil began researching ways to save his wife. They visited many doctors but nobody could make a diagnosis and her life’s end looked inevitable. As days went past, she became more and more fragile. JB Kevil had to find a way to save her. He began researching more unorthodox ways of cheating death, experimental drugs, ancient rituals and even black magic. One day he met Professor Jacques Madigan, who introduced him to the theory of cryonics. Professor Madigan believed that one could not become immortal in the present time, but could perhaps do so in the future when medicine, science and technology became more advanced. Therefore, until that time arrived, one had to be preserved in a frozen state, similar to an induced coma. Cryonics, [derived from the Greeks meaning frozen or icy cold], was the key the professor believed could bring his farfetched vision to reality. With Madigan’s theory, JB Kevil knew how to save his wife, he just did not have an idea as to when.

JB Kevil took the Professor under his wing, and made him a Board member of the company, much to the chagrin of the other executives, and placed him in charge of special research and development.


Kevil Hill was officially founded in 1930.

The night before the inauguration, Frances Jane Kevil (38) passed away. JB Kevil (40) in a desperate attempt to keep his beloved wife, dragged her body to the bath tub and filled it with ice and water until the body was fully covered in order to freeze her body and start the cryonic process. He frantically contacted the professor asking him to save her life. Professor Madigan arrived at JB Kevil home and inspected the condition of Jane’s body. The body was not frozen in time and there was nothing the professor could do to save her. JB Kevil was distraught, but with an unstoppable will and more determined to begin a new dream. He had a town to look after, people that looked up to him, and he was not going to let them die the same way he let his wife die. He had lost his parents, and now his wife. With this unimaginable grief, he began his vision of the Cryonics Project.

He invited the board members of Kevil Industries to announce his plan of creating a utopian world where people could live, die and then be reborn, a society of young families who would build the perfect world during their living time, then live under a cryonic state until science could give them immortality. Then they could come back to life and live eternally in the utopia they created. He wrote in Latin ‘Vita. Morta. Vita’ or ‘Life. Death. Life.’ to be the maxim of his Kevil Hill cryonic vision. His proposal was received with great skepticism but due to James’s passion, power and wealth, and pity for the loss of his wife, nobody dared to deny him his dream. And thus JB Kevil officially began planning the Kevil Hill Cryonics Corporation, a facility that would house thousands of self-sustained capsules to keep the community of Kevil Hill in a frozen state for years to come. JB also decided to move his headquarters from New York to Kevil Hill, thinking that the future was no longer in the big city, but in his utopian town. Even though most people in New York thought he had gone mad, some people believed in his idea and began following the Cryonics Project closely. Completely dedicated to the fulfillment of his vision, JB appointed his close friend and lawyer, Sam Abalone, as the Mayor of Kevil Hill.

Jonathan Kevil (10), was shattered by the death of his mother in 1930, and secretly blamed his father for her death due to his never-ending work ethic. He continued the next few years under the care of the church and father Dominic (local priest), until 1935 when he moved to Kevil Hill with his father and began working for him. In the same year, KHCC began construction.

Eva Rose (35), a cleaner in Kevil Industries main building, and single mother of a daughter, religiously followed all the news and gossip regarding her employer’s business. When she heard the story regarding JB’s wife passing, she decided to take a chance to win over JB’s love and with it, his blooming fortune. Eva Rose moved to Kevil Hill (1935) with her daughter Iris Rose (15), and got a job at Kevil Hill Savings and Loans. Jonathan Kevil became good friends with Iris and later they fell in love.


JB (50) saw his reality come alive in 1940, when KHCC began operating after the completion of Chamber 01. Professor Madigan never stopped working, finding new ways to freeze bodies faster and make the cryonic inclusion* [see Glossary] process more efficient. Madigan also brought on board an old friend of his, Ira Weinberg, who became the professor’s assistant.

KHCC was a three-way operation. JB managed the clients and the finance, the professor was in charge of the inclusion process of the clients and the development of new technologies, and Jack (Jonathan Kevil) (20) was the manager of the facility. The relationship between Jack and JB was not the best. Jack never agreed to his vision, thinking it unholy and unnatural.

Jack and Iris’s (20) love flourished and they married (1940). Iris’s mother, Eva Rose, never approved of Jack, believing he was too weak for her daughter and unable to take care of her. In reality Eva was bitter by the fact that she never stood a chance with JB, who dismissed her every advance.

KHCC’s first client, after his passing, was Doctor Franklin Wilberforce MD, a crackpot Doctor with a devil may care attitude. Dr. Frank had followed the cryonics projects since its conception and was in love with its technological promise of eternal life. He wanted to be the first to be frozen and without a second thought began his cryonic inclusion process as soon as the facility was operational.


In 10 years Kevil Hill Cryonics Corporation continued expanding, finalizing the construction of Chambers 02 and 03. Many of the residents of Kevil Hill had moved there specifically to be signed up to the Cryonics program and JB (60) began filling his cryonic tanks with many of his town’s citizens as they passed. With his son (Jack, 30) distancing more as each day went by, JB was unsure who would continue his legacy when he was frozen. With no clear candidate, JB decided to store all his wealth in one of the secure vaults in Kevil Hill’s Bank. JB’s only confidant was Sam Abalone who had helped with the legalities and structure of his financial movement. They also drafted JB’s will, which stated that if JB died during his cryonic state, his wealth would go to his only son, Jonathan Kevil. But in that will, there was no mention on the whereabouts of JB’s immense fortune.

During the 50’s, several new clients came in to Kevil Hill. One of them was a wealthy, rakish poet called William Henry Gainsford the Third, an old friend and muse of JB Kevil. William was infatuated with the Cryonics Project and therefore decided to retire and write full time in his final years at Kevil Hill. This charming dandy of a gentleman became infatuated with the local librarian, Violet Wanamaker, who shared his love of words. At the time Miss Wanamaker was known in Kevil Hill not only by her striking beauty but also because of a widespread, but unsubstantiated rumor. It was said that she had had a secret love affair with Professor Jacques Madigan... But the rumor was not quite right. The truth was that the professor had been in love with Violet but she did not returned that infatuation. Unfortunately, Violet died one night after falling from a ladder in the library, was knocked unconscious and never woke up. The professor, still deeply in love with her, seized the opportunity, stole her body then and immediately placed her in a cryo-tank of his own keeping, thereby creating a secret shrine for the professor’s unrequited love. If he could not have her in life, then she would be his in death, and also when she returned with the successful evolution of cryonics.

Lucy & Grace Theodore were twins of Greek origin and thought to be spies who served their country in the Korean War. Lucy became extremely ill after being the victim of possible chemical and biological effects of the war. The inseparable twins defected to the United States. While Lucy’s health deteriorated Grace found out about the Cryonics Facility in Kevil Hill and decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately they couldn’t afford the services and decided to find another way to get into the tanks. Using her vast range of skills, Grace targeted Ira Weinberg for access to the facility. Ira accepted to insert the twins in a cryo-tank after being persuaded by Grace.


In 1962, JB Kevil (72) was no longer the same inspired man he once was. He hardly ever left his chambers deep inside the KHCC facilities. JB Kevil spent his days waiting for his death, so he could begin his inclusion.

One night, Sam Abalone (67) was found murdered in his office which had been completely over-turned, clearly the murderer was looking for something. Despite the police not having any clues, Iris Rose (42) who was working late at the bank, recalled seeing Professor Madigan meeting the mayor that same night. She confided what she saw to her husband Jack (42), who began to piece the events together.

Jack had always believed that the professor harbored intentions other than those of his father – in fact, he was sure that the professor was after JB’s fortune, Kevil Hill, and the KHCC facilities.

It was Jack’s belief that the professor knew his father, [JB], did not have long to live, and would soon make a move. Sam Abalone’s role and subsequent murder was perhaps the key to revealing Madigan’s true intentions. On the night of October 30th 1962, a few days following Abalone’s murder, Jack visited the professor in his laboratory to confront him.

At the KHCC inclusion lab, Jack came across the slashed body of Sam Abalone inside a cryo-tank. Jack uncharacteristically aggressive at this point confronted the professor about Abalone’s death and accused him of murder. Jack threatened to expose Madigan by revealing this information to his father unless Madigan left Kevil Hill immediately. Madigan arrogantly dismissed Jack and  confessed to his vision of creating KHCC as his own legacy** and that neither JB nor Jack were part of that future.

**For some time, Professor Jacques Madigan had been secretly plotting to take over KHCC and JB’s fortune. When the professor had asked JB who would be the heir of his legacy, JB  Kevil’s reply was that Sam Abalone was the only person who could be entrusted with such matters. So Professor Madigan decided to find out from the mayor. Sam never revealed the truth to the professor and in a fit of rage, Madigan murdered Sam then searched his office for answers. When he found JB’s will, he was even more infuriated, learning that the fortune would go to Jack and he could not get his hands on it since the whereabouts were only known by Abalone. The furious professor began dissecting the mayor’s body in an attempt to find the key that would lead him to the fortune.

Jack, now with his suspicions confirmed and the threat to his father and himself imminent flew into a fit of rage. He was determined to quash Madigan’s desires and a fight broke out between the two. The men jostled each other around the laboratory with total disregard to the potent and toxic surroundings. At one point Jack pushed the professor against one of the cryo-tanks, causing liquid nitrogen to pour into an already filled tank. The tank continued to fill, and the pressure rose as  the liquid nitrogen evaporated, thus turning the tank into an imminent exploding bomb. The fighting continued and at one point the Professor had the upper hand, holding  Jack against an overhanging platform, dangling over the cryo-tank conveyor belt.

As Professor Madigan was about to strike his final blow there was an immense explosion caused by the cryo-tank, creating a chain reaction of detonations. One of the tanks fell on the professor knocking him unconscious, giving Jack a chance to escape. Jack fought his way to his father, avoiding the fire and falling debris. Finally he arrived to his dying father, whose time has arrived. Jack tried to help his father escape but JB didn’t want to leave and implored his son aid help him into his tank and fulfill his dreams. Jack was torn between his beliefs and love for his father. Finally, an emotional Jack helped his father into in his tank. In the final moments prior to inclusion, JB embraced his son for the last time; he then told Jack that he loved him despite their differences and whispered the location of his fortune, Jack cried out in aching desperation.

The chaotic explosions finally stopped, followed by a striking, but simmering silence. Jack began to escape from the rubble and made his way towards the exit. Suddenly, noises began to echo in the facility. Those sounds turned to moans. Jack, paralyzed by fear, turned around to find hundreds of frozen victims becoming ‘alive’ inside their broken cryo-tanks.

With no exit near him, the frozen ones began to rise...

Elsewhere, within the rubble of the adjacent Chamber 2, Ira Weinberg managed to escape the explosion with minor injuries. As he limped away from KHCC, he looked over his shoulder to see a horde of frightening frozen zombie like creatures, breaking free of the building’s domain.

Ira set route towards the KHS&L Bank in an attempt to find safe haven. The streets of Kevil Hill were now crowded with panic struck citizens, concerned about the explosions from the cryonics plant, but unaware of the creatures about to descend upon them.

Ira finally arrived at the bank, where he encountered Iris Rose Kevil, her mother Eva, the bank manager, and Joe Phillips, the bank’s security guard. Iris was surprised to see Ira there and didn’t hesitate to demand the whereabouts of her husband, Jonathan...’where’s Jack?’ she questioned the professor’s assistant. Ira, knowing that the semi-frozen, zombie-like escapees would invade the town any moment urged everyone to escape, he could sense they were all in immediate danger. But Iris ignored his warnings, demanded answers and continued to ask about her husband and what had happened. Ira, confronted, told her that as far as he knew he was the only one who had escaped the facility, but added that there were other things that had also escaped.

The group, concerned about the details of what Ira had just said, asked him to describe exactly what he meant by ‘other things’. As a shaky Ira was just about to speak, an explosion nearby rumbled the bank. As the group turned towards the main door, mass panic is seen on the streets of Kevil Hill. Ira tells them it’s too late. As the others approached the door a bloodied half-frozen body landed on the front glass entry. Then, a zombie violently hit the broken glass and gasps for blood and the terrified group step back into the bank. More and more zombies try to enter the building just as loud noises and moans are heard from within... The bank had been breached. Joe, the security guard, told the bank manager to quickly hide everyone in the main vault. As he opened the vault everyone began to enter. Iris, last in the group, retreated backwards, and in the last second shuts the vault in front of her, locking the rest of the group safely inside. The others discovered what she just had just done, pleaded with her to open it and stay with them. Her only reply was that she would not leave without her husband. Her mother, screamed in overwhelming grief.

The ‘frozen ones’, zombies, broke into the bank, filling the building with frozen moving bodies desperate for fresh blood.*

Kevil Hill was now fully overrun by these creatures, devouring anyone in sight.

Iris Rose, scared and alone, but determined, began her dangerous journey back towards the now disintegrating Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation building, and faced the thousands of zombies that kept crawling out of the facility, flooding the streets of Kevil Hill... Her will spurned only by love…

Created & Directed By Lynton V Harris
TM and © 2013 The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company. All rights reserved.