The Wiggles Friends

Dorothy the Dinosaur
What’s big and green with yellow spots? That’s right it’s Dorothy the Dinosaur. She wears a white floppy hat and loves to eat roses. She also loves to dance. She does ballet, Irish, Scottish and even line dancing. Wow what a great dancer!

Wags the Dog
Wags is a tall brown furry dog with floppy ears and a happy face. He loves to eat and dig in his garden. The Wiggles understand him when he says ‘woof,’ can you? Wags is a good dancer and loves to do the tango. Wave to Wags and woof it up at Wiggles World.

Henry the Octopus
Imagine all the people you could wave to if you had eight arms! Henry is an octopus with purple skin. He wears tartan clothes and a straw hat and black polished shoes on the end of every tentacle. He has a bubbly personality and loves a good joke.

Captain Feathersword
Ahoy me hearties, Captain Feathersword is a friendly pirate with feather for a sword. He likes to tickle everyone and loves to cook , dance and sing with his crew on his sailing ship, The Good Ship Feathersword.

The Wiggles

Anthony wears the blue Wiggles shirt. He sings and plays the guitar, drums, tin whistle and even bagpipes! He likes dancing and is the compere of The Wiggles’ live shows. Eating is one of his favourite things to do and he loves fruit salad and especially apples, as these healthy foods give him lots of energy. When Anthony is happy he says ‘wahoo’!

Simon wears the red Wiggles shirt and sings with a beautiful deep bass-baritone voice. It's said that his singing voice is so nice that it could ‘charm the whistle off an evening train’. He loves to sing and do the actions to “Simon Says” with the audience. If you make a mistake he'll sing to you, ‘Whoops, I didn’t say “Simon Says”!’ Simon always exudes a delightful sense of fun. He doesn't like really cold water and at times gets the "Cold Water Blues" and then he yelps and dances in a way that can only make you laugh. Simon says, ‘Let's have fun!'

Emma wears the yellow Wiggles shirt and is a wonderful dancer. She can dance ballet, jazz, tap and even Irish dancing and has been dancing since she was a young girl. Emma loves wearing her signature bows in her red hair and even on her shoes; she says they look ‘bowtiful’! She also plays the drums with a joyous wiggly beat and is the driver of the Big Red Car. As she’s driving she sings "Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car"!

‘Lucky’ Lachy wears the purple Wiggles shirt and plays the keyboards, sings and dances. Although he is very talented, Lachy is bashful and will often blush at most things. He loves to sleep and believes it’s his purple shirt that makes him sleepy. ‘Lucky’ Lachy always seems to have fortunate things happen to him, that might be because he is so nice, but having Lachy as the purple Wiggle is our good fortune!

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