Take a journey through an undersea world to reach a hydro-energy plant, the docking station for the huge 24 person deep sea discovery vessel.  

Grab some seats with your family or friends, lock yourself in and get ready to explore the great deep. 

Don’t be fooled as the discovery vessel cranks to life, it only takes a few moments before the initial gentle sways to take a turn for the worse and become 360 degree spins of fury. 
At full speed you’ll be propelled at over 50kph down a 63m long wave-like track that plunges and climbs, so one second you feel completely weightless and the next the full load of gravity takes hold, all while circling at 12 revolutions per minute at up to 2.5Gs.  

The Water Levels are Ready!
The Energy Levels are Ready!

Now strap in as you are taken on a high speed deep sea discovery

Ride Operating Times:

Monday - Friday (Outside of School holidays): 11:00am 5:00pm
Weekends & School Holidays: 10:00am - 5:00pm

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