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Looking for a tummy losing, sky high-swing, packed with adrenalin, and a big dose of fear?

Well consider travelling 9 storeys into the air, swinging at up to 75 km/hr! Scared? Wait! It also spins 360 degrees. Dare yourself. The first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, The Claw is the most powerful pendulum on the planet is now the most terrifying talon in the world. 

Themed to look like the prehistoric paw of a 3D rampaging velociraptor, The Claw propels adrenalin junkies nine storeys high, mercilessly swinging them back and forth at 64km per hour while twisting 360 degree full circles. Guests who dare to dice with the ten to two o’clock swing experience insane gravity hang time as they perch perilously close to the edge. But once they’re harnessed, there’s no escape as the floor retracts and they’re in the clutches of The Claw.

Hold on tight. Dreamworld’s fingernail-biting, spine-tingling, knee-knocking nightmare, The Claw, is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The new attraction complements the park’s existing suite of scream machines including the Giant Drop, Tower of Terror, Buzzsaw, Shockwave, Mick Doohan's MotoCoaster, Cyclone Rollercoaster, Wipeout and The Claw.

Ride Operating Times:
Monday - Sunday: 10:00am 5:00pm

For all maintenance scheduling Click Here.

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