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Wind chasers, fly with the wind!

The Cyclone, is one of the tallest, high-speed gravity rollercoaster's in the Southern Hemisphere. Travel 13 storeys, experience 1000 tonnes of high-speed, heart thumping, hair raising twists, as you somersault into a 360-degree loop and screaming sidewinder. Be prepared to be blown away!

If you think you can weather a teeth chattering storm, then be prepared to get blown away by Dreamworld’s Cyclone, the tallest high-speed gravity rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. The Cyclone starts out leisurely, gently hoisting riders 40 meters above the ground to the most scenic point in the theme park. To the right is the hypnotic swing of The Claw. To the left is the sparkling blue waterpark. Ahead is the centre of fury and the point of no return.

Within seconds, thrill seekers are plunged down a deathly descent hitting speeds of up to 85 kilometres per hour, whipped through hair-raising loops and hurled into a screaming sidewinder. Dreamworld’s Cylcone rollercoaster first opened at Sydney’s Luna Park. Following complaints by neighbours of the ear-piercing screams, it took 35 separate trucks to relocate the knee-knocking coaster to Dreamworld, where it was reinvented as The Cyclone.

It was officially opened in December 2001. The new attraction complements the park’s existing suite of scream machines including the Tower of Terror, Buzzsaw, Shockwave, Mick Doohan's MotoCoaster, The Giant Drop, Wipeout and The Claw.

Ride Operating Times:

Monday - Friday (Outside of School holidays): 11:00am 5:00pm
Weekends & School Holidays: 10:00am - 5:00pm

For all maintenance scheduling Click Here.

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