30 yrs jukebox show

Take a roller-coaster ride through the pop-culture of the world that Australia’s favourite theme-park grew up in. Spanning the years from when Olivia Newton-John got Physical to when Justin Beiber polarised popular opinion, 30 Year Jukebox show takes you from leg warmers to iPads in a juke-box style show that dips into the music, the movies and the moments that define the last thirty years.

This all-live show will never be the same twice as audience members choose their memorable years and get rewarded with anything from the film Titanic recreated in one minute to an all-in Macarena.

Fast and furious, 30 Year juke box style will have you singing along, dancing along and laughing along with forty-five minutes of pure fun. Get the Party Started.

When and where will the show be held?
• A 45 Minute show shown daily 27 December to 21 January (Pick up show times at entry)
• Located in the Main Street Stage

Who should attend this show?
• Music Lovers
• International visitors and tour groups

Sales Terms & Conditions
• This show is included in the price of Dreamworld entry
• Numbers are limited based on seating availability

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