dreamworld dreamtime

Dreamworld Dreamtime

In celebration of Australia’s traditional culture Dreamworld is launching Dreamworld Dreamtime, this school holiday period featuring stories, songs and dance spoken and performed by members of the regions Kombumerri people.

Long long ago when the Dreamtime first began, the Kombumerri people roamed the area of the Gold Coast and gathered around the Coomera River, creating stories, songs and dances that echoed every occasion: stories about hunting, songs about animals, and dances that celebrate the spirituality of the land and its legends. Today the descendants of the Kombumerri people will bring their magic to Dreamworld to highlight a tradition thousands of years old.

When and where will the show be held?
• The show will be held at 10:40am and 11:40am from 27 December to 21 January (excluding 1 January).
• Located in AWE between the Oakey Creek Farm Show and the Eagle display.

What does the show feature?
• This new show called Dreamworld Dreamtime will focus on the locally based Kombumerri people.
• Guests will see the performers mimic the movements of their totem the eagle that soars overhead signalling the start of fishing season.
• Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo and the clapsticks.
• Witness the traditional Aboriginal method of firelighting by rubbing two sticks together.
• It will bring together the traditions of the Kombumerri people.

Who should attend this show?
• International visitors and tour groups.
• There is also a keen focus towards Australian families and individuals who are interested to see traditional Australian culture in action.

Sales Terms & Conditions
• This show is included in the price of Dreamworld entry
• Numbers are limited based on seating availability.

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