Dreamworld Corroboree - Intro

Dreamworld’s Corroboree is one of the largest native wildlife parks in South East Queensland with 100’s of native animals including the second largest koala population and the only non-government Queensland Bilby breeding program in the world. Cuddle a koala, wander with the wombats, roam with the roos, get up close to the big crocs and maybe even shear a sheep. It’s the very best of Australia, all in one great location.

Dreamworld Corroboree opens 10.30am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri (outside school holidays) and 10am - 5pm on weekends and school holidays.

Sunset Safari Click here

Sunset Safari

Close encounters of the WILD kind! Go behind the scenes, after dark, to experience Dreamworld's amazing wildlife in our Sunset Safari.

Price: $25 (Per Person)
Croc Feeding Click here

Croc Feeding

Only offered in the warmer months.
An animal experience with bite!
Croc Feed Experience is only offered during the warmer months.

Price: $69 (Per person)
Wombat Experience Click here

Wombat Experience

Make contact with our gorgeous native Australian Wombat.

Price: $25 (Per person)
Dingo Pup Experience Click here

Dingo Pup Experience

Make Contact with Australia's cutest Dingo Pups!

Koala (Borobi) Cuddles Click here

Koala (Borobi) Cuddles

Come face-to-face with Australia's most cuddly animal!

Koala (Borobi) Country Click here

Koala (Borobi) Country

Roam around with Australia's best loved animals.

Daintree Rainforest Click here

Daintree Rainforest

Meet rainforest creatures including reptiles, amphibians and birds.

Wetlands Click here


Home of massive saltwater crocodiles and frisky freshwater crocodiles.

Australian Sheep Shearing Show Click here

Australian Sheep Shearing Show

Some good old fashioned fair dinkum fun!

Face Painting

Face Painting

Learn what ochre is and what it means to culture. Including how colour is applied on the body for ceremonial purposes and in painting rock art and canvas
Make Traditional Music

Make Traditional Music

Learn about a variety of musical instruments including the stages of making a didgeridoo, clip sticks and drums.  Can you hear the sounds of a kookaburra, dingo and a hopping kangaroo?

Make Fire Presentation

Make Fire Presentation

Watch our Indigenous Interpretation officers make fire by using just two sticks
Cultural Weapons Demonstration

Cultural Weapons Demonstration

Talk on boomerangs, shields, and have a go at throwing a spear (bamboo stick)