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Experience the following at Koala Country at Dreamworld:

  • Cuddle a Koala and observe these loveable teddy-bear-like creatures in their natural eucalypt environment.
  • Roam free with the kangaroos. They’re especially friendly if you feed them.
  • Walk amongst birdlife in the massive free flying aviary.
  • Delight at the Tasmanian Devils.
  • Experience the Nocturnal House, a live, walk through exhibit where day is night. See Squirrel Gliders, Barn Owls, Tawny Frog Mouths and other Australian night dwellers.
Learn more about Koala's at Koala Land born out of a report that has been commissioned by Al Mucci, General Manager of Life Sciences at Dreamworld Australia. The project aims to recommend ways of protecting Koalas and Koala habitats.