Dorothy the dinosaur show

Dorothy the Dinosaur Show

Wiggles World will explode with roses at the Fun Spot when Dorothy the Dinosaur and her dearest friends take to the stage this summer.  Enjoy some time with your mini wigglers as they ballet dance with Dorothy and shake their hips with Wags the Dog.  Watch the story unfold as Fairy Clare goes on a journey to deliver an important letter for Dorothy inviting her for rosy tea in a new show choreographed by The Wiggles exclusively for Dreamworld.  The Dorothy the Dinosaur Show will be held at the Fun Spot in Wiggles World.

Cast:  Fairy Clare
         Captain Feathersword
         Dorothy the Dinosaur
         Wags the Dog

Songs: I’m Dorothy the Dinosaur
           Come on Let’s Jump
           I am a Dancer
           We’re dancing with Wags the Dog
           Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
           Quack Quack
           Romp Bomp a Stomp
           Dorothy’s Party 

When and where will the show be held?
• The 25 minute show will play three time daily (Pick up show times at entry).
• Located in FunSpot

Who should attend this show?
• Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wiggles Fans
• International visitors and tour groups

Sales Terms & Conditions
• This show is included in the price of Dreamworld entry
• Numbers are limited based on seating availability.

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