The kenny koala show


Millions of kids have visited Dreamworld through its 30 years and Kenny Koala has made each one of them smile.  Step back in time as Kenny Koala joins his special friend, Belinda Brown as they reminisce through the years of songs and dances they performed at Dreamworld.  

Kenny desperately wants to open his present, but must first finish the 30 year celebration cake.  A trip down memory lane for parents and a fun show for kids, the 20-minute Kenny Koala show will be held daily from 25 June to 15 July.

Cast:  Kenny Koala
          Belinda Brown                                     

Songs: Hey Kenny
           Silly Kenny
           Home among the Gumtrees
           Kenny has a Wildlife Park (Old MacDonald)
           Icecream Mambo

When and where will the show be held?

• The 25 Minute show will be held daily at 12pm (Pick up show times at entry)
• Located in The Bowl

Who should attend this show?
• Local, International visitors and tour groups and Kenny Fans

Sales Terms & Conditions
• This show is included in the price of Dreamworld entry
• Numbers are limited based on seating availability

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