Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation

As the home to one of South East Queensland's largest native wildlife parks, over the last 15 years, Dreamworld has played an active role in the fostering and protection of the regions wildlife.

This intrinsic relationship with nature has taken an even further critical step. In 2012, the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) was established, collaborating with existing wildlife conservation groups to bring substantial financial support to the conservation movement on a global scale. 

An internationally recognised fund committed to the protection, education and conservation of the earth's most magnificent creatures and habitats, crucial to their survival. 

There are a number of ways you can help the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation. Discover how you can help!

Latest news

Internationally-acclaimed designer and television personality Jamie Durie has launched a conservation blitz with Dreamworld, calling for Australian families to look beyond their backyard and dig deep to help save endangered wildlife. Earning his green stripes, Jamie is the first official ambassador for DWF. 

Global Tiger Day - 29th July 2016

What will you do for wild tigers this year?
Tigers are under the threat of extinction with approximately 3000 left in the wild. You can help by ‘wearing your stripes’ to show support for tiger conservation in the lead up to Global Tiger Day (Friday 29 July 2016).

Activities at Dreamworld:

Help support Tiger Conservation across the weekend by purchasing a Tiger cupcake or a balloon for the tiger cubs to pop each day with 100% of the proceeds going to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation to support tigers in the wild. Also enjoy special tiger talk each day at 12pm at Tiger Cub Kindy.

How you can help save tigers in the wild?

  • Wear any stripes in July to spread the word of the need for tiger conservation
  • Tag 5 and donate 5: post a photo of yourself wearing stripes, tag 5 friends for their turn to do the same and donate as little as $5 to tiger conservation.
  • Set up a fundraising page and encourage your friends, family or work to wear stripes
  • Run a morning tea to help raise funds for tiger conservation

Where your money goes?

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation continues to achieve amazing results with research, education, breeding, habitat and re-introduction programs of threatened and endangered wildlife species.
We work in collaboration with other conservation groups, governments and research organisations, including the Save The Bilby Fund and the Australian Koala Foundation to fund and support projects that protects the future of Australian wildlife.
In addition, Dreamworld continues to make significant donations to fund anti-poaching patrols and conservation initiatives in Russia and Indonesia to help save tigers in the wild.

Adopt An Animal

Add a new wild branch to your family tree!
Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation supports conservation, research and education in the wild. Through the Adopt an Animal program you can help your favourite species by adopting them into your family. 100% goes to supporting wildlife projects in the wild.
To lessen our footprint on the environment we now have e-adoptions available ($20 & $50). The Adopt an Animal Program lasts for twelve (12) months.

Help protect endangered species from becoming extinct ADOPT AN ANIMAL TODAY