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Dreamworld has been involved with the display of captive animals for more than 20 years, with AWE and Tiger Island forming a significant attraction to our park. During this time, we have made financial contributions and in-kind support to bonafide research and conservation projects that protect and preserve the mesmerizing creatures that inhabit our environment. Fundamentally, our aim is to align ourselves with organisations and institutions that can provide partnership opportunities that also contribute to Dreamworld’s overall business objectives.

Dreamworld Tiger Conservation Fund

Worldwide, only $5 million per year is injected to save one the most magnificent animals on the planet – the tigers. To assist, Dreamworld developed a Tiger Fund of its own to raise money for projects that directly contribute to saving tigers in the wild.

Established in 1997, the Tiger Fund is designed to collect money through a number of activities performed by the tigers at Dreamworld:

  • Tiger Walks, Photos & Merchandise sales - a percentance of the money raised from the walks, photos and a variety of merchandise sold at Dreamworld every day is donated to the Tiger Fund.
  • Television Productions - Funds raised through participating in television and movie productions have greatly contributed to the Tiger Fund.
  • Donation box - A special donation box is located at Tiger Island to enable guests to donate directly to the Tiger fund.
  • Direct Donations - You can donate directly to the Tiger Fund to help save tigers in the wild through a cheque or money order to:

Dreamworld Tiger Conservation Fund Contact Details

Tiger Island
Dreamworld Parkway
Coomera, QLD, 4209

To learn more, visit the Dreamworld Wildlife Pages.

Getting Support for my Animal Conservation Fund.

Should you wish to discuss your project, please email the General Manager of Life Sciences, Al Mucci on[email protected].

Dreamworld’s Tiger Fund

Dreamworld developed a Tiger Fund to raise funds for projects that directly contribute to saving tigers in the wild. Established in 1997, money is raised via activities like Adopt a Tiger, Tiger Walks and Tiger Photos, effectively using Dreamworld’s tigers to help save their own species in the wild. To date, more than $1,000,000 has been raised with money being distributed toward.

  • Projects in Sumatra, India and Far Eastern Russia
  • Wages for multiple anti-poaching patrol teams and forest guards
  • Field research and logistical equipment
  • Food and aid for Sumatran tigers in captivity
  • Village relocations and education of locals
  • Medical camps
  • Aerial surveys of tiger habitats

In Russia alone, Dreamworld has supported a patrol of nine anti-poaching rangers, resulting in at least 725 violations, 105 guns confiscated and 39 criminal prosecutions since the year 2000.

The London-based tiger conservation group 21st Century Tiger awarded Dreamworld Gold and Platinum Certificates for its tireless effort to helping save tigers in the wild. In addition, the park championed the inaugural Threatened Species Day activities, taking two of our rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs into the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.

Saving the Bilby

Dreamworld is home to 14 bilbies and has the only Captive Breeding Agreement with the Queensland Government to breed Queensland Bilbies for release and educational purposes. In support of this, Dreamworld has built a semi-nocturnal bilby exhibit that aims to increase awareness of the grim plight faced by this iconic animal in the wild and to educate guests about how they can contribute to their conservation. Dreamworld is a gold sponsor of Save the Bilby Fund Inc. and contributes via:

  • Cash contributions
  • Supports an education vehicle for Save the Bilby Fund Inc.
  • Provides educational, public relations and special promotional support to activities conducted by Frank Manthey (Co-founder)
  • Sale of ‘Save the Bilby’ merchandise in park and direct donations via donation boxes to Save the Bilby Fund.
  • Collaboration with Queensland Parks and Wildlife as part of the cooperative captive management of Queensland Bilbies.
  • Launching a one hour on-site education program designed to encourage students from grades four to seven to help save the embattled marsupial. Dreamworld hopes to attract at least 1000 students to the program in the first year of operation.

Saving the Koala

Dreamworld is a Gold sponsor of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), an organisation that is the independent voice for the koala and has helped raise funds that have contributed to the mapping of more than 4 million hectares of land which forms part of the koala habitat atlas. Dreamworld koalas and in particular Logan the blue-eyed koala can be fostered through the AKF with all contributions going directly to the AKF. In 2008, Dreamworld sponsored Save the Koala Day launch activities. Dreamworld has contributed over quarter of a million dollars to the AKF.

Saving the Frogs

The Kroombit tinkerfrog is amongst Australia’s most endangered animal, with fewer than 140 remaining in the wild. In 2008, Dreamworld worked collaboratively with Griffith University to acquire knowledge of the reproductive biology of this species by providing funding of $35,000 towards field conservation work. This initial funding will ensure that the husbandry needs of this species will also be progressed in collaborative arrangements between Queensland zoological institutions, Griffith University and the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Helping the endangered species also means eradicating pests. In 2008 and 2009, Dreamworld’s staff teamed up to rid the park of toads under a one month long “Toadbuster” campaign.