Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy

Tiger Cub Kindy

Global Tiger Day - 29th July 2016

What will you do for wild tigers this year?
Tigers are under the threat of extinction with approximately 3000 left in the wild. You can help by ‘wearing your stripes’ to show support for tiger conservation in the lead up to Global Tiger Day (Friday 29 July 2016).

Activities at Dreamworld:

Help support Tiger Conservation across the weekend by purchasing a Tiger cupcake or a balloon for the tiger cubs to pop each day with 100% of the proceeds going to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation to support tigers in the wild. Also enjoy special tiger talk each day at 12pm at Tiger Cub Kindy.

How you can help save tigers in the wild?

  • Wear any stripes in July to spread the word of the need for tiger conservation
  • Tag 5 and donate 5: post a photo of yourself wearing stripes, tag 5 friends for their turn to do the same and donate as little as $5 to tiger conservation.
  • Set up a fundraising page and encourage your friends, family or work to wear stripes
  • Run a morning tea to help raise funds for tiger conservation

Kai’s first birthday – 25th July 2016

Born weighing just 1.3kg and now one year on celebrating his first birthday weighing a solid 93kg, tiger cub Kai was the first of the new generation of tigers at Dreamworld, critical for sustaining our interactive tiger program that supports saving tigers in the wild.

You can visit the playful and mischievous birthday boy in Tiger Cub Kindy where he will surely be spoilt by his Dreamworld family.

Catch the cubs at Tiger Cub Kindy

It's all girl power at Tiger Cub Kindy these days as our golden girls Adira and Akasha rumble and tumble with their white adopted sister cubs Kiko and Kali in their purpose built playground.

Guests can catch the cute antics of all four sister cubs at Tiger Cub Kindy daily with special visits from their big brother Kai.

Complete with a themed retail outlet and activity zone, Tiger Cub Kindy is open daily while the park’s popular Tiger Island is under redevelopment. Tiger Island is set to reopen in September this year.

VIP Tiger Cub Experience

Want to get even closer? Book a VIP Tiger Cub Experience. This is part of a unique group experience held in an exclusive purpose built tiger cub play experience area. Meet two of our tiger cubs and their tiger handlers whilst joining the cubs for a photo.

Tiger Cub Walk Experience

One of the most magical and awe-inspiring experiences is taking a morning stroll within arm’s length of a Dreamworld tiger cub. Enjoy a pat, chat with tiger handlers, take photos and learn more about the tigers.

Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy

Protect endangered species ADOPT OUR NEW TIGER CUBS

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White Tiger Sister Cubs

Kiko and Kali our adopted sisters from Japan are 8 months old and are growing fast. Kiko and Kali both weigh in at approximately 54kg. Both cubs are eating well and have become very close with their handlers. The sisters have joined Dreamworld's new generation of tigers in the park's Tiger Cub Kindy playground.

Adira and Akasha sister cubs

The double trouble sisters are growing fast with Akasha weighing in at 43kg and Adira, 42kg.

Many Dreamworld guests have enjoyed meeting the girls during VIP tiger cub experiences or simply watching them sleep and play at Tiger Cub Kindy.

They will continue leash training and surprising and delighting guests when they walk around the park.

Big Brother Kai

Tiger Conservation ambassador, Kai, certainly lives up to his name of big brother now weighing a solid 85kg. He has been leading the way for his sisters with regular park walks. The cheeky and playful Kai is always keeping his keepers on their toes.

Adopt an Animal

Are you passionate about wildlife?
Dreamworld is all about happiness; that’s happiness for you AND for animals. In an ideal world all animals and people would live in harmony but in the wild tigers have become incredibly endangered. Of nine species of tigers, three are now extinct with more under dire threat. By adopting one of our tigers and spreading the word you are helping these majestic creatures in the wild with 100% of adoption funds committed to preserving habitats and anti-poaching measures.

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF)

To date Dreamworld has donated $2million toward tiger conservation through our animal experiences including Tiger Walks where guests can take a tiger for a morning walk through the park and surrounding bushland; a Tiger Feed or a Tiger Photo. Funds are also raised for DWF via Dreamworld’s Adopt An Animal program as well as guest and staff donations. 100% of DWF funds are donated to a range of wildlife causes (administration fees are paid for by Dreamworld), with a vast amount going to tigers via 21st Century Tiger, Fauna & Flora International and the Pheonix Fund.

Protect endangered species ADOPT TIGER CUB KAI

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