Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy

Tiger Cub Kindy

We have moved!

Our five cute tiger cubs - Kai, Akasha, Adira, Kiko & Karli - have now moved into their new home on Tiger Island!

Tiger Island is NOW OPEN, click here to read more.

VIP Tiger Cub Experience

Want to get even closer? Book a VIP Tiger Cub Experience. This is part of a unique group experience held in an exclusive purpose built tiger cub play experience area. Meet two of our tiger cubs and their tiger handlers whilst joining the cubs for a photo.

Tiger Cub Walk Experience

One of the most magical and awe-inspiring experiences is taking a morning stroll within arm’s length of a Dreamworld tiger cub. Enjoy a pat, chat with tiger handlers, take photos and learn more about the tigers.

Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy
Dreamworld Tiger Cub Kindy

Adopt an Animal

Are you passionate about wildlife?
Dreamworld is all about happiness; that’s happiness for you AND for animals. In an ideal world all animals and people would live in harmony but in the wild tigers have become incredibly endangered. Of nine species of tigers, three are now extinct with more under dire threat. By adopting one of our tigers and spreading the word you are helping these majestic creatures in the wild with 100% of adoption funds committed to preserving habitats and anti-poaching measures.

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF)

To date Dreamworld has donated $2million toward tiger conservation through our animal experiences including Tiger Walks where guests can take a tiger for a morning walk through the park and surrounding bushland; a Tiger Feed or a Tiger Photo. Funds are also raised for DWF via Dreamworld’s Adopt An Animal program as well as guest and staff donations. 100% of DWF funds are donated to a range of wildlife causes (administration fees are paid for by Dreamworld), with a vast amount going to tigers via 21st Century Tiger, Fauna & Flora International and the Pheonix Fund.

Protect endangered species ADOPT TIGER CUB KAI

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