Primary Self Guided Programs

Interactive activities to inspire and excite students as they discover force, motion and energy like they’ve never experienced before. Students will feel the full forces of gravity on the Giant Drop, kinetic and potential energy will send them spinning around the Hot Wheels SideWinder, magnetic forces will take full control of them on the Tower of Terror II and The Claw will let them feel what it’s like to be inside a pendulum.


Australian Rare & Endangered Species & Conservation

This is a student-led investigation into the four areas which make up Dreamworld Corroboree:- Rainforest, Woodlands, Wetlands and Arid to support unique and powerful learning experiences. Students will learn that the future of Australia’s animals depends on our compassion and commitment to help them. Students will gain an understanding of the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and its work on a global scale.


Education Team Challenge for Primary students

Students break into teams to complete activities around the park. Teachers are provided with a set of instructions and questions to facilitate a team challenge. This is a great way to encourage all students to work together in teams and show leadership skills.

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