The Claw at Dreamworld

Primary Education Talks

Dreamworld Safari (Prep – 3) – 45mins

Students can take a walk on the wild side and go on safari at Dreamworld. An educational and motivational experience for young children, encouraging an early appreciation of the needs of unique adaptations of living things. Students also get to come in contact with some of Dreamworld’s native wildlife.


Tiger Talk

Students will learn about unique and fascinating tiger species from one of Dreamworld's Tiger Handlers and how they can help save tigers in the wild. Topics cover diet, behaviors, adaptions and conservation issues. 


Save the Bilby – 45mins

Students learn about the plight of the bilby in the wild and how they can make a difference. It includes information on the bilby food web, physical characteristics, habitat and the predator proof fence that has been installed at Currawinya National Park where captive bred bilbies are re-released.


Ride Talk (How do rides work)- approx 45mins

Gain an insight into how some of our rides work. This is an interesting and informative talk which includes ride fast facts. The talk can be delivered classroom based style which covers a large selection of our rides or focus on the operation of two of our rides in a walk and talk style delivery.

To enquire please call (07) 5588 1184 or email [email protected]