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Frequently Asked Questions

Park Information

  1. What are the opening times at Dreamworld & WhiteWater World?
    1. Dreamworld is open Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm all year round.
    2. WhiteWater World is open Monday to Friday 11am-4pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm.
  2. When is Dreamworld & WhiteWater World Open?
    1. Every day of the year except ANZAC Day and Christmas Day. Closures may occur as a result of inclement weather, so please make sure you check the website and social channels to stay up to date.
  3. Where is Dreamworld located?
    1. We are located on Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera QLD 4209 in South East Queensland at the northern end of the Gold Coast, on the Pacific Hwy (M1) at Coomera, 17kms (20mins) north of Surfers Paradise and 48kms (40mins) south of Brisbane.
  4. How do I get to Dreamworld?
    1. You can get to Dreamworld via Car, Train or Bus. For full information, you can find directions here.
  5. I'm in a wheelchair, can I still come to Dreamworld?
    1. Absolutely! We have reserved accessible parking in the Southern end of rows A and J of our carpark. For your enjoyment and convenience, all of our shopping and dining facilities are wheelchair accessible via ramps. Also, many of our shows and main street entertainment have areas reserved for guests with disabilities. Additionally, there are specific boarding requirements and accommodations for those using wheelchairs at most attractions.
  6. Which services are available for guests with disabilities or guests with special needs?
    1. At Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, we want to make sure that everyone’s day with us is as full of happiness as possible. Guests with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities are recommended to visit our Park Health Facility, located at Dreamworld Entry building (Map Reference G8) or WhiteWater World (Map Reference Q9) prior to presenting to our attractions. One of our friendly Guest Services Team Members can direct you there. One of the key roles of our team is to assist guests to plan their day on an individual basis and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely. You can also view further information and attraction requirements here.
  7. Is there a parents room?
    1. Absolutely! Dreamworld and WhiteWater World have a number of parents rooms throughout the park located next to restrooms. To find the closest parents room, either ask one of our friendly team members to point you in the right direction or view our park map.
  8. Can my children visit Dreamworld on their own?
    1. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Are there lockers available?
    1. Yes! Dreamworld and WhiteWater World have a number of dedicated locker areas located throughout the parks for easy access. We recommend viewing our park map to find the closet locker suited to your park visit. Prices range from $10-$15. All lockers in Dreamworld are gold-coin operated; half of the WhiteWater World lockers are gold-coin operated and half can be paid for with notes/cards at Guest Services.
  10. Where can I find lost and found at Dreamworld?
    1. Lost and found can be located at Guest Services, located at the front entry of Dreamworld.
  11. What do I do if I get lost at Dreamworld?
    1. Please talk to one of our friendly team members (eg: Ride Operator, Shop Attendant and/or Food and Beverage Attendant) and they will help you. Alternatively if you can locate Guest Services at the front entry, please go there and one of our team members will help you.
  12. Where can I get first aid at Dreamworld?
    1. Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Park Health Team are based at Dreamworld and WhiteWater World Park Health Facility (Referenced on map by symbol for both parks). Any personal medical equipment, for example ventilators, may be stored and used at our Park Health Facility. Park Health does not supply such equipment for everyday use. Medication which requires refrigeration may also be stored at the Park Health Facility.
  13. Where are the smoking areas located?
    1. Dreamworld follows the Queensland anti-smoking laws which prohibit smoking within four metres from any entrance to a building or in children play areas. However, please refer to our in-park map for our designated smoking areas.
  14. Are there water fountains around the park?
    1. Yes! We have a number of water foundations throughout the park. Please view the park map for locations.
  15. Do you have childminding services in park?
    1. Unfortunately Dreamworld does not offer childminding services. We ask that your children are supervised at all times.
  16. Can I bring food into the park?
    1. Outside food (including eskies and coolers) is prohibited at Dreamworld, however we have plenty of food options catering to all dietary requirements. You can view our food outlets here. Food can be taken into WhiteWater World, as long as no sharp objects (knives, glass) or alcohol is included. Guests with the below dietary requirements are exempt from this policy:
      • Guests with allergies
      • Infants and babies
      • Pre-booked education groups
    2. Commercial food is not permitted in either park (i.e. McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks etc.)
  17. Are enclosed shoes required in Dreamworld & WhiteWater World?
    1. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes during your visit to Dreamworld as you’ll be walking throughout the park. Shoes without a strap around the ankle must be taken off when going on a ride.
  18. Do you have motorised scooters for hire?
    1. Unfortunately Dreamworld does not currently offer motorised scooters for hire. If you require a wheelchair or pram, please visit Guest Services at the front entry
  19. Can I wear my glasses on the rides so that I can see?
    1. For safety reasons, you cannot wear glasses or sunglasses on rides. We would hate to see them get damaged or lost.
  20. Where is the park exit?
    1. The exit can be found via the Dreamworld LEGO store. You can view the in-park map here. Guests currently exit via the Main Street shop, which leads them out through the LEGO store.
  21. Why is the interchange gate not open?
    1. During off peak season, the interchange gate is closed, however you can still access the parks through the front entry gate
  22. Do I need to bring my own stroller or towel?
    1. You are permitted to bring your own stroller and/or towel. However, if you require a stroller, you can rent one through Guest Services, located at the entry of the park. Single strollers are $15/daily hire, double strollers are $22/daily hire. Wagons (seats 2 small children) are $15/daily hire.
  23. Does bad weather affect park operations?
    1. We take the safety of our visitors seriously, so when we experience inclement weather Dreamworld will close some attractions and during severe weather events the decision to close the park may be taken. To ensure you stay up to date with closures please check out our website or social channels before you visit.
  24. Do you have an app?
    1. Dreamworld currently does not have an app, however please stay tuned for any updates on our website and social channels.
  25. What banking facilities are available at Dreamworld?
    1. Tickets can be purchased at the admission gates by cash/EFTPOS and credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, American Express. We also accept PayPal and Afterpay for online purchases. Any purchase with a Credit Card will incur a small surcharge of 0.78% of the total purchase price.
  26. Where do I find daily showtimes at Dreamworld?
    1. Dreamworld offers both maps and showtimes at Guest Services. As you enter the park, make sure you pick one up! Alternatively you can view the current showtimes here.

Ticket Information

  1. How much is a ticket?

      We offer a number of different ticket options, depending on your needs:

    1. An Annual Pass (which gets you entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint all year) starts from $119.00 when you buy online
    2. 1 Day ticket for access to Dreamworld & WhiteWater World starts from $89.00
    3. 3 Day ticket for access to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint starts from $99.00
    4. WhiteWater World 1 Day ticket starts from $49.00
  2. Where can I buy a ticket?
    1. You can purchase tickets online (and receive a discount) via our website or at the front gate of Dreamworld.
  3. What day does my pass expire? Is my pass still valid?
    1. This depends on which ticket you have purchased -
      1. Annual Pass (bought online) - Valid for 13 months from date of purchase
      2. Annual Pass (bought at gate) - Valid 12 months from date of purchase
      3. 1 Day Ticket - Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
      4. 3 Day Ticket - Valid for 12 months from date of purchase

      If you are unsure which ticket or when you have purchased your ticket, you can contact our friendly team on (07) 5588 1111.

  4. Can I scan my smartphone for ticket entry to Dreamworld?
    1. You can download your barcoded ticket from your email confirmation and one of our friendly team can scan this at the front entry.
  5. I’m trying to book online and my booking won’t process, what do I do?
    1. If you are having trouble booking online, please call (07) 5588 1111 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your booking.
  6. I have left my pass at home, can I still enter Dreamworld?
    1. Yes, you can enter Dreamworld but will need to provide our friendly team at Guest Services a valid ID so our team can search your Annual Pass details. If you forget your pass a second time you will be charged a $5 fee and your Annual Pass will be reprinted.
  7. Do you offer any discounts?
    1. If you purchase your tickets online via our website, you will automatically get a discount on purchase price (1-Day and 3-Day tickets only, not Annual Passes).
    2. We offer a discounted admission rate for guests with:
      1. Physical disabilities requiring the use of a wheelchair.
      2. Intellectual, aural or visual disabilities.
      3. Carers (conditions apply - please see below* for details).

      Discounted admission rates are available for purchase at the ticket booths only on the day of visit upon the presentation of a State or Commonwealth issued Disability Pension Card. Please advise the cashier when purchasing admissions tickets to receive the discounted rates.

  8. If I buy a ticket/experience and I change my mind, can I get a refund?

      All refund requests must go through an approval process involving our Management and Accounts Team, we cannot guarantee that refunds will be approved. To submit a refund request, please email your booking details to [email protected] Full refunds are not available for tickets/experiences that have been used/redeemed.

    1. Please contact one of our friendly team members on (07) 5588 1111 and they will be able to assist you or please email your booking details to [email protected]
  9. Can I sell my ticket through Facebook/Gumtree, or to my family/friends? Why not?
    1. All Dreamworld and WhiteWater World tickets are non transferable. If you would like to submit a refund request please contact one of our friendly team members on (07) 5588 1111 and they will be able to assist you.
  10. Can I purchase over the phone? Why not?

    No, we are not able to process over the phone purchases. There is a step during online purchasing where a guest is redirected to a security page that asks them to authenticate themselves with unique information provided by their bank. For security reasons, we cannot ask for or enter this information on behalf of our guests.

  11. Why can I not use my passholder discounts online?
    1. Currently, passholder discounts are exclusively offered during your visit at the park.
  12. If I forget to bring my Annual Pass for entry, can I still get a discount on F&B and Merchandise?
    1. No, a valid Annual Pass must be presented and scanned in order to receive passholder discounts. The free temporary ticket provided to guests who enter the park without their Annual Pass is solely for entry into the park.
  13. Do children or pensioners get discounts on tickets?
    1. Children from 3 - 13 years of age are eligible for a child's One Day Ticket. Children under the age of 3 can enter the park free of charge.
    2. Pensioners are offered a reduced rate for park entry. Please view ticket prices here.
  14. What tickets are available for companions of guests with disabilities or guests with special needs?
    1. Dreamworld offers guests who produce a Companion Card to one (1) free of charge companion ticket so that their companion can provide attendant care support during the visit.
    2. Guests who produce a Carer’s Card (or similar) issues by relevant State or Commonwealth authorities will be entitled to a discounted admission rate.
    3. Carer Business Discount Cards entitle the card holder to a 20% discount on our 1-Day tickets.
    4. Please contact our Contact Centre on (07) 5588 1111 before visiting to discuss eligibility for these rates.
  15. Can I give my annual pass to someone else during my term?
    1. Unfortunately your Annual Pass is not transferable.
  16. I don’t want to go on rides, or I am pregnant, is there a reduced ticket price?
    1. Unfortunately we do not offer spectator passes, however please refer to our in-park attractions and showtimes here for you to enjoy during your visit.
  17. Where do I find ride closures at Dreamworld?
    1. We recommend you check in with our friendly team on (07) 5588 1111 prior to travel, visit Guest Services upon arrival or check our Ride & Attraction Maintenance page here to ensure you have the most accurate information.

Ride Information

  1. Are there any rides that all ages can go on?
    1. For your safety & comfort there are height, weight & age restrictions on some rides and attractions. We advise that you view displayed signage for specific details. Alternatively you can view our Rides & Slides page.
  2. Do you have a parent swap for rides?
    1. Families with small children can take advantage of our Parent Swap program, which allows one family member to watch the child while in line, while the other member/s ride, then swap places so all family members can enjoy the ride.
  3. Is there any way to determine how long I have to wait for a ride?
    1. During peak season, signage is displayed with approximate wait times which are located throughout the ride queue. If you are not able to find these, please ask one of our friendly ride operators for further information.
  4. Which rides are affected by wet weather?
    1. All ride dates and opening hours are tentative only and subject to change, particularly during inclement weather. We recommend you check in with our friendly team on (07) 5588 1111 prior to travel or visit Guest Services upon arrival for the most accurate information. or check our Ride & Attraction Maintenance page here to ensure you have the most accurate information.

WhiteWater World Information

  1. What kind of swimwear can I wear in WhiteWater World?
    1. We recommend wearing comfortable, sensible swimwear on the rides. Guests are not permitted to ride in clothing that has any hard or sharp objects (eg: belt buckles, rivets or studs)
  2. Can I wear a wetsuit?
    1. Guests are permitted to wear a rashie, boardshorts and wetsuits during your visit to WhiteWater World.

Private Tour Information

  1. Do you offer private tours of Dreamworld?
    1. Dreamworld offers an exclusive VIP Experience which includes a personalised full-day tour packed with the very best of Dreamworld and WhiteWater World which includes a series of high-end and intimate experiences, including exclusive opportunities and back of house tours.
  2. What is included in a VIP Experience at Dreamworld?
    1. Our VIP Experience will include front row seats to all the shows, Ride Express, wildlife experiences including petting koalas, meeting a dingo, feeding a croc and back of house tour to uncover how we bring to life the magic of Dreamworld. Included is lunch and a drink in your private VIP lounge.
    2. To find out more, our team is happy to assist. Enquire now. https://www.dreamworld.com.au/en/vip
  3. How long does a VIP Experience last?
    1. Our VIP Experience is a full-day across Dreamworld and WhiteWater World..