Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation

Through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF), we endeavour to be the voice for those that cannot speak. By backing global conservation initiatives and fostering education around endangered species since 2012, we are helping to make a dramatic change.

More than $3.5 million dollars has been raised through DWF to help save species such as tigers, koalas, bilbies and tree kangaroos. For tigers alone, DWF is the largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation in the world. It goes further than just money, DWF drives anti-poaching and community engagement initiatives and has partnered with globally recognised organisations including Wildcats Conservation Alliance.

With the threat ever-growing, we need your help. Help us make a difference today.

Where your money goes?

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation continues to achieve amazing results with research, education, breeding, habitat and re-introduction programs of threatened and endangered wildlife species.
We work in collaboration with other conservation groups, governments and research organisations, including the Save The Bilby Fund and the Australian Koala Foundation to fund and support projects that protects the future of Australian wildlife.
In addition, Dreamworld continues to make significant donations to fund anti-poaching patrols and conservation initiatives in Russia and Indonesia to help save tigers in the wild.

Adopt An Animal

Add a new wild branch to your family tree!
Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation supports conservation, research and education in the wild. Through the Adopt an Animal program you can help your favourite species by adopting them into your family. 100% goes to supporting wildlife projects in the wild.
To lessen our footprint on the environment we now have e-adoptions available ($20 & $50). The Adopt an Animal Program lasts for twelve (12) months.

Help protect endangered species from becoming extinct ADOPT AN ANIMAL TODAY