Dreampix Photos

At Dreamworld, we believe that memories should be shared. So, we’ve made sure guests can take their most memorable moments home, with the smiles, laughter and excitement all captured on camera.

Our experienced DreamPix team are here to take unlimited photos of your fun-filled experience. Whether it be roving around the park or snapshotting you meeting your favourite characters or DreamWorks Heroes, we’ve got you covered. Our stationary fast-twitch cameras will also capture all the thrills on your favourite rides. Don’t miss out on catching the faces your friends and family pull… hopefully the wind doesn’t change.*

Photos can be downloaded and printed at the DreamPix in-store kiosks. And if you prefer to be behind the lens – cameras and other accessories can also be purchased at the DreamPix photo store, located near the park’s front entrance.

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*Valid on ride, roving and character photos only. Excludes wildlife experiences.

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