Tower of Terror's Retirement

In order to continue focusing our investment on the future and delivering new, world-class attractions for you to enjoy, we announce the retirement of Tower of Terror II on the 3rd of November this year. The Giant Drop will continue to operate as normal, with the Tower of Terror II track being removed from the iconic Dreamworld Tower structure over time.


Why is the Tower of Terror II being retired?
We’re looking to the future and reinvigorating our parks with new and exciting attractions, so while we’ve all enjoyed years of joyful memories on the Tower of Terror II, it’s time for its retirement.

What’s replacing it?
We have recently launched the Southern Hemisphere’s first Flying Theatre and are excited to welcome two massive new attractions coming to Dreamworld soon, with Fully6 water slides opening this summer and a multi launch coaster also on the way!

What happens to the Giant Drop?
There will be no change to this Dreamworld favourite - it remains open for our guests to enjoy!

What is going in the TOTII area?
The Tower itself will remain unchanged, with everyone’s favourite Giant Drop continuing to operate. The tracks will be removed over a number of months.

When is the last time we can ride TOTII?
Guests can continue enjoying the Tower of Terror until the 3rd of November, 2019.

Can we still ride TOTII on Sunday, 3rd of November?
Yes, Sunday the 3rd of November, 2019 will be the final day guests can ride TOTII.