Coming to Dreamworld is a reptilian roller coaster experience with a top speed of 105km/h and a G-force of 3.8.

You’ll hang on tight as Steel Taipan snakes around 1.2km of twists, turns and gut-lurching launches!

With multiple inversions and even a spinning gondola at the rear of the train, this experience will have enough venom to leave you reeling. Get ready for a thrill like no other on Steel Taipan, opening in late 2021.


Dreamworld is excited to announce the name and identity of its newest attraction, opening in late 2021. Steel Taipan is set to strike soon, offering an unforgettable rollercoaster experience to Dreamworld guests. Stay tuned for sneak peeks, construction updates and more to come soon.

The Spine-Tingling Stats

Type: Launched rollercoaster

Manufacturer: MACK Rides

Length: 1.2km

Top Speed: 105km/h

G-force: 3.8

Hyper-Fast Facts
  • The first triple launch system in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Features a stall and reversed twisted half pipe
  • The world’s first separate spinning gondola attached to the rear of the rollercoaster train
  • Based on the world’s number one model, the award-winning Blue Fire Launch Coaster

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