Safety at Dreamworld



Dreamworld is committed to providing a safe and healthy place to work and recreate. Good management of health and safety is critical to achieving our vision of being a global leader in theme park operation. We are committed to developing a culture that strives for continuous improvement in health and safety, and ultimately, an injury-free workplace. 

Engineering and Ride Safety Review Program

Dreamworld recently completed a park-wide process and engineering review of ride safety systems and procedures for every ride at Dreamworld. This review was led by external experts and focused on all aspects of the park’s operations, which fall into three categories:

  1. PLANT (compliance to standards, condition of infrastructure and operating systems)
  2. PROCESSES (policies and practices for the safe operation and maintenance of the Park)
  3. PEOPLE (current training systems, experience and performance capability)

The park-wide safety review included:

  1. An external audit of ride safety by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland;
  2. An internal review of every ride by Dreamworld’s own engineering division;
  3. An independent engineering and safety review by leading Australian engineering firm, Pitt and Sherry;
  4. Oversight and peer-review of the safety program by a third-party expert, LTC, a UK-based engineering company that specialises in reviewing theme park safety; and
  5. A review of our water safety processes and procedures by Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Day-to-Day Park Safety Procedures

Pre-open testing - Prior to opening each day, every ride is inspected by our engineers and put through a rigorous ‘pre-open test'.  This includes a stationary visual inspection of the ride followed by an operational test of the ride. In WhiteWater World, all our slides undergo a ‘dry walk-through’ and an operational test with water.

Ongoing rotational maintenance program – Each ride has an annual maintenance schedule that is published on our website for guests.  

Controlled-stop sensors on all rides – All Dreamworld rides are fitted with controlled stop sensors. Controlled stops occur regularly at all theme parks. They are an essential part of all modern ride safety features. Many things can activate a controlled stop sensor, such as guest behaviour, weather and wildlife. For example, a computer sensor may pick up excess wind gusts or wildlife that finds its way on to a ride track.

If you want to know more about ride safety and maintenance, please watch our park safety videos:

Download Statement by our Acting Chief Executive Nicole Noye