Get the ultimate buzz from the tallest inversion ride in the Southern Hemisphere!

From the apex of the ride, at 46 metres in the sky, you will be flipped upside down. This is where the thrill really sets in! Reaching speeds of up to 105 km per hour, you’ll fly through a series of plummeting drops, twists, and turns. Can you handle the BuzzSaw?

Ride restrictions: 

  • Guests must be at least 130cm to ride.
  • The maximum height to ride is 200cm.
  • The maximum weight to ride is 120kg.
  • Ride is not suitable for pregnant guests.

Guests with medical conditions or disabilities are encouraged to review our Disability Guidelines.

Click here to find Buzz Saw on the map.


BuzzSaw is Retiring 31 August

Since announcing plans for the park’s $32 million investment in the Steel Taipan rollercoaster, Dreamworld has planned to cease operations of BuzzSaw, given the new ride’s proximity and the park’s focus on viable future development.

Guests are invited to take part in their last ride of BuzzSaw before 31st August 2021

This ride will be closed from Wednesday September 1, 2021

max Thrill
To 105kph
High Speed
Metres High
Min Height
Max Height
Max Weight