Plant your foot and own the ultimate track, Bathurst's Mt Panorama.

Dreamworld is the only place in Australia where you can put yourself in the driver's seat and virtually race in Lowndes, Murphy, Winterbottom and McConville's car.

Take it from 0 to 100 in four seconds flat and brace yourself. V8 Supercars RedLine is racing so real… you can feel it… deep bass vibrations from the engine revving, centrifugal forces on the turns, real 'bumps' as you trade paint with other cars and a giant wrap around screen to see all the action.

Now is your chance to take on Mt Panorama.


What you get: Feel the roar of the engine whilst racing 3 other drivers. Each car can carry 1 passenger, for up to 7 minutes of fun. All drivers are required to participate in a training exercise, before driving and you need to arrive at RedLine two races, prior to your scheduled race time.

How much: Strap yourself in the driver's seat for just $10, or lend support as a passenger, for only $5 (passenger ticket's only available with a driver's ticket purchase). Tickets can be purchased after entry to Dreamworld OR pre-book your early session online.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before purchasing your RedLine Tickets.

It is recommended that you pre-book your session online or as soon as you arrive at the park, especially at peak holiday times.

Regular opening hours

Mon-Fri: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Weekends: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closing for refurbishment - Reopening this summer
This ride will be closed for annual maintainance from Tuesday 13 October through to Tuesday 22 December 2015 inclusive.

How to Drive RedLine

Getting Started

New to the fast cars? Don't get intimidated! Here are the basics you need to get started, from finding your car, to getting out onto the track, to learning how a crew member can help you.


Pay attention to the Training Video which runs for approximately 10 minutes to prepare you for the race. The Pit Crew will instruct you when your race will be on, as well as which vehicle you have been allocated.

Enter the vehicle & Buckle Up

At your vehicle's gate simply swipe your card through the barcode reader. After you've entered the vehicle, adjust your seat to your comfortable driving position. Buckle up and get ready to feel the roar of REDLINE – no belt, no driving!


Starting the Engine

Lift the "Start Switch" to start your engine. You need to use the accelerator to start your car running, racing cars don't like to idle. Make sure your engine is running at the race countdown! Step gently on the accelerator and listen for the engine. You should hear it rev up. You can also check to see if the tachometer readings change. If the tacho needle is stuck on "0," your engine is not running.


Remember: You're behind the wheel of a 485 kW V8 racing car. That's an awesome amount of power. To get your car going, give it plenty of gas (it has a tall first gear). Once you're moving, however, ease off the accelerator to keep the car from fishtailing.


If you're a rookie, the system automatically sets your car to an automatic transmission, meaning you don't have to use the clutch or change gears; the car does it for you. If you want to change to a manual, just ask at the Registration.

The Automatic Transmission is easy to operate. You don't have to use the clutch or move the stick shift at all, unless you want to put the car in reverse.

The Manual Transmission uses the traditional "H" shift pattern shown below.

The Walls

During the race, you might find yourself facing one of the walls. Don't panic! Just shift the car into reverse and back away from the wall and back on to the track. Your crew seat passenger can help you back up safely away from oncoming traffic.


Hold the steering wheel with both hands, at "10" and "2," and don't over-correct when you turn. Steer the car smoothly and consistently. Over steer or accelerate too much and your car will be uncontrollable.

Emergency Stop

With your safety and comfort in mind, we've equipped each race car simulator with an Emergency Stop button. If during a race, you feel the desire to stop the motion of the simulator for any reason, push the large red button located in the center dash. This immediately stops the motion of the simulator and a crew member will report to your race car and check with you. Note that even though the motion is stopped, you can still drive and finish the race.

SEASON PASS BUY 3 GET 1 FREE entry until 24 Dec 2016 *Online child price. Conditions apply.

Online price from $99*