The Parkway Patisserie and Grill

Parkway Patisserie and Grill is currently closed for off-peak period. You can still enjoy a full range of delicious food options around the park from one of our various outlets.

We're having a fiesta at Dreamworld with our NEW Mexican menu at The Parkway Patisserie & Grill! Come and join the feast!

The Parkway is part of a stand-alone precinct at Dreamworld’s front entry with access from within and external to the park.


Burrito Bowl   Flour tortilla, rice, black bean, lettuce, salsa, jalapenos, lemon, sour cream

Chicken $13.95 · Beef $13.95 · Vegetarian $12.95

Tacos    Soft shell corn tortilla, slaw, chipotle mayonnaise, salsa

Chicken $13.95 · Fish $13.95

Nachos    Tortilla chips, black bean, nacho cheese, sour cream, salsa, coriander

Beef $14.95 · Vegetarian $12.95

Hot Dog    New Yorker hot dog, salsa, bacon, nacho cheese, mustard, milk bun, chips · $13.95


Tortilla chips · $3.50

Flour tortillas · $3.50

Avocado · $2.50

Nacho cheese · $2.50

Sour cream · $2.00

KIDS MEALS · $12.95ea

Nachos, tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, avocado with chips, drink & toy

Hot dog, tomato sauce with chips, drink & toy