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Tiger Island


We’re proud to share with you that Dreamworld’s iconic Tiger Island is currently being redeveloped, re-opening bigger and better this September.

A multi-million-dollar project, the new-look Tiger Island will enable guests to see more and learn more about these magnificent creatures, as well as get closer than ever before, encouraging empathy and educating visitors about the plight of tigers in the wild.

Tiger presentations and some guest experiences with Dreamworld’s adult tigers at Tiger Island are suspended until the attraction re-opens in September.

In the meantime, visit our super-cute tiger cubs at the recently opened Tiger Cub Kindy. 

All guests can see our tiger cubs playing in their new Tiger Cub Kindy, located behind TailSpin. Tiger Cub Kindy includes a purpose-built playground for Dreamworld’s next generation of tigers complete with cub-sized pool and activity areas. Tiger Island staff also will be on-hand at Tiger Cub Kindy to answer any questions.

We look forward to celebrating the opening of the revitalised Tiger Island with you later this year.  

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Tiger Presentation

Our beloved tigers are having a roaring great holiday while we revitalise their Tiger Island home, set to re-open bigger and better later this year.

Meanwhile, Tiger Cub Kindy is now open! Don’t miss our cubs funny antics as they rumble and tumble in their purpose-built playground complete with cub-sized pool and activity areas.

Tiger Cub Kindy is located behind Tail Spin.  

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Dreamworld Tiger Presentation
Dreamworld Tiger Presentation
Dreamworld Tiger Presentation
Dreamworld Tiger Presentation
Saving Tigers

In the wild, tigers face a grim future.

Tigers are one of the most endangered species on the planet according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES).

There are approximately 3,000 tigers remaining in the wild and their survival is constantly threatened.

With three subspecies already extinct, the plight of the tiger is a serious problem largely caused by humans in three major ways: hunting, poaching and destruction of the habitat.

At the current rate of poaching and habitat loss, it is estimated that tigers in the wild could completely disappear within the next ten years.

To discover other ways you can help save animals in the wild, click here

In addition, Dreamworld partners with the Zoological Society of London in the initiative, 21st Century Tiger and is a member of ALTA, the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance.

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) makes significant donations through these organisations. Working together, DWF, 21st Century Tiger and ALTA make a significant contribution to conservation initiatives throughout the tiger range states to help save tigers in the wild.

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