Steel Taipan

Australia's only triple launch coaster

Now striking at Dreamworld is a reptilian rollercoaster experience with a top speed of 105km/h and a G-force of 3.8!

You’ll hang on tight as Steel Taipan snakes around 1.2km of twists, turns and three gut-lurching launches! With 4 inversions and the world's first "Tailwhip" - a spinning seat at the rear of the train, this experience will have enough venom to leave you reeling.

Ride is not suitable for pregnant guests.

Click here to find Steel Taipan on the map.

Rider Restrictions

Min Height


Max Height


Ride Detail


Up to 105kph





G Force




Ride Express Available

During peak periods, enjoy a reduced wait time with Ride Express. Purchase your Ride Express

Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Weekends: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Guests with medical conditions or disabilities are encouraged to view our Disability Guidelines

Tailwhip 360° Spinning Seat

Experience the world's FIRST Spinning Gondola fitted at the rear of the train! Hold on tight as Tailwhip independently spins 360-degrees as you ride through Steel Taipan's epic twists & turns! 

Available daily

Take a Spin!

Watch the Offical POV Videos

Watch the Drone FPV

Under controlled conditions, we invited a world champion FPV Drone Racing Pilot to hunt down Steel Taipan as it strikes!

Steel Taipan's Striking Features

Learn about some of the spine-tingling stats & hyper-fast facts of this epic launched rollercoaster built by world-renowned manufacturer, MACK Rides.

Official Steel Taipan Safety Video

Here's the safety video that'll prepare you for the strike on 15 December! Don't forget to leave behind your antivenom...

"Behind the Taipan"

This 5-part series takes you behind the scenes into what goes into building Steel Taipan, Dreamworld’s newest $32million roller coaster opening late-2021. Experience an exclusive insight into how a ride like Steel Taipan comes to life through the planning, construction, safety, operating and design of the Southern Hemisphere’s first-ever triple-launch roller coaster.

World's First Spinning Gondola

Hold on tight as you experience next-generation thrills seated in our World-first Spinning Gondola fitted at the rear of the train.

Construction Timelapse

Enjoy this look at the journey so far for Dreamworld's BIGGEST and most epic thrill ride ever built!