What types of roles are available at Dreamworld and WhiteWater World?

We offer a diverse range of opportunities. These include front of house positions, trades and services, specialised professional roles, supervisory roles, and senior management opportunities.

General vacancies include, but are not limited to:

  • Ride Attendants, Slide Attendants
  • Food & Beverage Assistants
  • Sales & Photo Sales Assistants
  • Suit Character / Performers
  • Guest Services Hosts
  • General Cleaners
  • Storepersons (Warehouse)
  • Costume / Laundry Attendants
  • Security Officers
  • Cashiers
  • Lifeguards

More specialised positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Tiger Handlers
  • Wildlife Attendants / Officers
  • Tradespersons (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Carpentry)
  • Chefs
  • Admin/Clerical Support
  • Professional (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Design, Safety, First Aid and Health, HR, Finance, IT, Engineering)
  • Supervisory
  • Management and Executive


What skills and experiences are required for Wildlife and Tiger Island vacancies?

Dreamworld Corroboree and Dreamworld’s Tiger Island offer unique opportunities to our guests to get up close with our native Australian wildlife and Tigers.

To be considered for positions within Wildlife and Tiger Island, we are looking for candidates with:

  • Education in the sciences, for example biology or zoology. Animal science at a tertiary level is not an essential criterion, however, it is considered strongly advantageous showing the candidate is committed to a career working with animals. For wildlife roles at Dreamworld Corroboree, a Certificate III in captive animal management (or progressive study towards) is also considered advantageous.
  • Animal experience. We look for people who both volunteer and have paid positions in the industry. Volunteer experience with the RSPCA, local wildlife rescue organisations, wildlife parks and veterinarians are all beneficial to this career path.
  • Previous experience working with animals with a premium placed on ‘hands on’ experience. Experience with exotic animals ( in particular with felines) is strongly favoured for Tiger Island Positions.
  • Applicants must possess a high degree of physical and mental dexterity and a strong commitment to teamwork, safety and animal welfare.
  • Excellent communication, public speaking skills and customer service skills are also essential for Wildlife and Tiger Island roles.

You may also need to consider when planning your studies and future career is that Dreamworld is one of very few interactive tiger facilities in the world (our team consists of just 8 handlers, including a supervisor and manager). Therefore, opportunities to work in such an environment are extremely limited.

As you can imagine, when a vacancy does occur within Dreamworld Corroboree or Tiger Island, the opportunity attracts huge interest internally, locally and nationally. These positions are generally only advertised within the Zoological industry, so you must be working or active within industry to see them.