IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dreamworld and WhiteWater World remain open.

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are taking the advice of Queensland Health. As the Gold Coast is not currently required to be in lockdown, the parks will remain open until further notice.

Have you been in the Greater Brisbane Region since 2 January 2021? Click here to view the latest health advice from Queensland Health.


General Park Updates Since Re-Opening:

The world has changed and so has ours, so you will notice some changes to the parks throughout our staged re-opening. The following changes have been made as a result of reviewing our offering of rides and attractions to ensure the longevity of our parks well into the future:

WhiteWater World is open and now a seasonal park, so enjoy making sunny new memories throughout the water park’s warmer months, operating during the following periods:

  • 7 days a week from 16 September until 24 January
  • 25th and 26th January
  • Friday to Sunday weekly from 29th January – 28th March inclusive

WhiteWater World will then close from late March until the September holidays - this will be a great opportunity for our team to carry out a lot of our scheduled maintenance throughout our winter closure.

Some areas and attractions within our Dreamworld Corroboree precinct are temporarily closed, due to restricted international tourism and therefore visitation. Dreamworld Corroboree employees are important to our team and will be re-deployed to other areas within the business. As a result, the Dreamworld Express will also be temporarily closed as a part of Dreamworld’s staged re-opening. Visit our Park Map to find out more.

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are operating under an approved COVID SAFE Plan. Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can help us stop the spread during your visit.

We can’t wait to help you make new Dreamworld memories! Visit the Ride Information page to plan your next visit.


Dreamworld COVID SAFE Plan Overview

The health & wellbeing of our guests and team members is incredibly important to us. We have introduced a range of measures to ensure every visit is a safe and enjoyable one. Our comprehensive COVID Safe plan has been reviewed and approved by Queensland Health and we look forward to welcoming you to our Parks. 

As a part of our approved COVID Safe Plan, the following attractions and activities will be temporarily unavailable upon opening:

  • Play School Art Room iPads
  • Corroboree Face Painting Experience
  • Corroboree Virtual Reality Experience
  • Animal Experiences
  • LEGO Interactive Building Area
  • LEGO Mini Figure Station

*This list does not include attractions under scheduled maintenance and is subject to change without notice. 





  1. Are Dreamworld and WhiteWater World now open?
    1. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are now open daily. Check out our Opening Hours for more information.

  2. How long were you closed?
    1. Dreamworld was closed for a total of 177 days, from 23 March 2020 until 15 September 2020.

  3. My Annual Pass was valid during the closure, do I get an extension on its expiry?
    1. All Annual Passholders whose passes were valid during the closure period (23 March 2020 to 15 September 2020) will receive an automatic extension of the closure period, plus an extra month. Dreamworld closed for 177 days, so with the addition of a 31-day month, guests will receive 208 bonus days added to their original Annual Pass expiry date. If you have an Annual Pass and have not received an email confirming your new expiry, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

  4. My 1 Day or 3 Day tickets were valid during the closure, do I get an extension on their expiry?
    1. Guests whose 1 Day or 3 Day tickets were valid during the closure period (23 March 2020 to 15 September 2020) will receive an automatic extension of the validity of their tickets, bringing their expiry to 31 March 2021. Guests who had a 3 day ticket and were only able to use 1 or 2 consecutive days prior to our closure will also have their remaining ticket validity extended to 31 March 2021.

  5. Is it safe to visit Dreamworld and WhiteWater World?
    1. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World have worked hard to ensure that the risk of spreading COVID-19 at both properties is minimised as much as possible. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World operate under a site specific COVID SAFE Plan which has been approved by Queensland Health.

  6. Am I at risk of contracting COVID-19 if I attend Dreamworld or WhiteWater World?
    1. The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee have identified that vulnerable people (people 70 years and over, people 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions, all people with compromised immune systems and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50 with chronic medical conditions) are at a greater risk of more serious illness if they are infected with COVID-19. Guests should evaluate their risk in determining whether to visit. People who show no symptoms can spread COVID-19 if they are infected, and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit.

  7. What measures are you taking to ensure the safety and wellbeing of team members?
    1. Prior to re-commencement of their employment, all team members will be required to complete compulsory COVID-19 training focused on hygiene standards and physical distancing guidelines, in addition to any relevant training issued by the Queensland or Australian Government. Team members will undergo both site and role-specific training to ensure effective controls are enforced throughout the parks during operation. Team members are directed not to attend work when unwell and Dreamworld and WhiteWater World will monitor the health of team members with random wellness checks and temperature screening upon arrival. Due to limited contact between team members and guests, the wearing of masks is not mandatory, however we support our team members who wish to wear masks when on duty.

  8. Am I required to wear a mask when I visit?
    1. Guests are welcome to wear masks/face coverings throughout their visit however some attractions may require the removal of non-surgical masks where they present a loose-article hazard on attractions.

  9. Some international theme parks are temperature checking guests before they enter, why aren’t Dreamworld or WhiteWater World?
    1. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World use current information and recommendations from government departments to establish an approved COVID Safe Plan. Given the advice that temperature checks are not a foolproof way to identify guests with COVID-19, as a part of our COVID Safe Plan, guests will not be temperature checked prior to entry. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World continue to encourage guests who feel unwell to stay home and seek medical advice.

  10. Can I still hire a wheelchair or stroller?
    1. Yes, guests are welcome to hire a wheelchair or stroller for their visit.  Wheelchairs and strollers are disinfected after each use.

  11. Is a reservation necessary to visit the park?
    1. No, a reservation is not required to visit Dreamworld, however guests will be required to provide contact tracing details upon entry, as per current Queensland Health requirements.

  12. Can I get photos and do meet and greets with characters?
    1. Yes, guests will still have the opportunity to see some of their favourite characters during their visit, however these interactions will be contactless.

  13. Are pass out stamps available if I wish to exit the park temporarily and return on the same day?
    1. To reduce contact between guests and team members, pass out stamps will be unavailable. Guests are required to retain their entry ticket or Pass and present it at the ticket booths or turnstiles for re-entry.

  14. Can a team member use my phone to take my photo?
    1. To reduce contact via shared surfaces, team members will be unable to take a photo for you on your phone until further notice. Lucky everyone loves a selfie!

  15. Why has WhiteWater World become seasonal and when will it be open?
    1. Based on low demand in the cooler months WhiteWater World is becoming a seasonal water park. WhiteWater World will operate from early September until late January annually and across some peak weekends where demand (and warmer weather!) allows us to swing open the gates. This will be a great opportunity for our team to carry out a lot of our scheduled maintenance throughout our winter closure.

  16. How long will attractions that are unavailable due to your COVID SAFE Plan remain closed?
    1. The Dreamworld team are reviewing aspects of its COVID Safe Plan affecting operations at regular intervals and will continue to work with government authorities on amendments as restrictions continue to ease. This page will be updated as changes are made.

  17. When will the new rollercoaster open?
    1. Dreamworld remains optimistic for welcoming this world class attraction in 2021 - the best way to keep up to date is through the Dreamworld Facebook page or website.

  18. Some rides are closed due to scheduled maintenance. Why didn’t you do this work during the park closure?
    1. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World were closed for several months, reducing operations, and working with a limited team. During this time, critical maintenance activity was carried out by the remaining engineering team on site.  Other scheduled maintenance activity that could not be achieved during this time is now being carried out.

We encourage you to be kind to one another and have patience with our team and other guests. Please report any health, safety, or cleanliness concerns to a team member so they can be addressed immediately.