Dreamworld Wildlife

In addition to being a theme park, Dreamworld is also a wildlife conservation park and the largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation worldwide.

From tigers, to bilbies, koalas & tree kangaroos, there's so many furry friends for you to find!

Tiger Island

Can you imagine coming face-to-face with the jungle’s most fearsome predator? Here on Tiger Island, we make it possible.

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Native Wildlife

Say g'day to the locals at our Native Wildlife Walkthrough area. Explore Australia's rich natural ecosystems, where you'll see everything from koalas to dingoes, kangaroos and even a croc or two!

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Wild Encounters

Get a little wild on your next visit to Dreamworld and book a Wildlife Encounter! From koala photos to Dingo Experiences, Croc Feeds and more, choose an unforgettable animal experience

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Our Animal Ambassadors

Dreamworld is home to many animals, some on the brink of extinction, and are ambassadors for their wild cousins. Without getting up close and personal to these amazing animals, DWF could not possibly generate the donations we need to achieve our goals.

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Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) was established to collaborate with wildlife groups to bring financial support to conservation on a global scale.

You can help make a difference by adopting an animal or making a donation today!

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